Source Unit AM/FM, Bluetooth source unit (GMR-LED).
Source Unit Mounting 2019-Current Honda Talon mounting panel.
Front Speakers The front 6.5 inch coaxial speakers are the NP1-116 two way speakers.
Front Speakers Mounting High impact HDPE Talon specific left & right speaker panels are an ultra-compact design that takes up minimal space.
Rear Speakers The rear 6.5 inch pod speakers are the NPT1-116BBG two way speakers that feature swivel bracket mounting hardware.
Rear Speakers Mounting The rear speaker pods mount to the OEM cage with the included mounting hardware.
Subwoofer Dual voice coil 8 inch subwoofer in a high impact HDPE composite enclosure.
Subwoofer Mounting The subwoofer enclosure is an under-seat design.
Full Range Amplifier NA2-400.2: High Efficiency, Full Range Class D 400 Watt Amplifier.
Full Range Amplifier Mounting Talon amplifier mounting bracket is included.
Subwoofer Amplifier NA2-400.1: High Efficiency, Class D 400 Watt Mono Subwoofer Amplifier.
Subwoofer Amplifier Mounting Talon amplifier mounting bracket is included.
Harnessing Full system harness capable of accommodating source unit, 2 amplifiers, which power 4 speakers, and the subwoofer.
Accessories MBQG-ACC-1: Talon Radio and Amplifier Harness is included with the system.