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DS18 PSW10.4S


DS18 PSW10.4S




W1Nominal Diameter

10″ / 254 mm
Nominal Impedance
4 Ohms
RMS Power Handling
500 W
Maximum Power Handling
1000 W
Sensitivity (1w/1m)
84 dB
Frequency Response
20 – 800 Hz
Recommended Lo Pass Crossover
90 Hz


Voice Coil Diameter
2.5″ / 63.5 mm
Voice Coil Former Material
Winding Material
Cone Material
Water Resistant PPI
Surround Material
Basket Material
Basket Color/Finish
Matt Black
Magnet Material
Magnet Weight
58 Oz
Displacement Volume
0.8L / 0.028ft3


Equivalent Volume Vas
20L / 0.7ft3
Excursion (one way) Xmax
9.5 mm
Free Air Resonance Fs
32 Hz
Mechanical Factor Qms
Electrical Factor Qes
Total Factor Qts
Moving Mass Mms
175 g
Compliance Cms
0.119.5 mm/N
Bl Factor BI
Voice Coil Inductance Le
1.5 mH
Diaphragm Area Sd
336.54 cm2
DC Resistance Re
3.6 Ohms
Efficiency Bandwidth Product EBP


Sealed Internal Volume (minimum)
14.2L / 0.5ft3
Sealed Box Output Response F3
44 Hz


Overall Diameter
10.23″ / 260 mm
Overall Depth
3.6″ / 92 mm
Front Mount Baffle Cutout
9.2″ / 234 mm
Mounting Depth
3″ / 78 mm
Motor Diameter
6.5″ / 165 mm
Gross Single Unit Weight (lb)
Single Unit Box Dimensions W x L x H (Inches)
12.25 x 11.5 x 4.75
Quantity of Units in Master Carton
Gross Master Carton Weight (lb)
Master Carton Dimensions W x L x H (Inches)
12.5 x 12 x 10

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DS18 PSW10.4S

10” Water Resistant Shallow Subwoofer 1000W 4-Ohm SVC

There’s always space for bass with DS18’s PSW10.4S!
The PSW10.4S effortlessly fits into depths as small as 3.5″, revolutionizing the way you enjoy bass in your vehicle. Ingeniously designed to thrive in both ported and sealed boxes, the PSW10.4S allows you to achieve incredible bass reproduction even in the tightest of spaces. But that’s not all – its high-quality push terminals make connecting your speaker wire and amp a breeze, eliminating any hassle or frustration.
With a remarkable power handling capacity of 500 W RMS and a staggering 1000 W MAX Power, the PSW10.4S possesses the strength to deliver earth-shaking bass. But power is only part of the equation. With an impressive 84 dB sensitivity, this shallow mount subwoofer is finely tuned to reproduce heavy, crystal-clear bass with astonishing precision.
The PSW10.4S boasts a cone equipped with DS18’s renowned PPI Molding, making it water resistant and an ideal choice for marine vehicles, off-road adventures, or even your trusty two-wheeled companion. Additionally, its robust steel basket provides enhanced resistance against shock and vibration, ensuring that the subwoofer stays rock-solid, no matter the conditions.
With a remarkable (9.5mm) Xmax for a shallow subwoofer, the PSW10.4S generates full and deep bass that resonates with your soul. Paired with the appropriate box specifications, this subwoofer becomes a force to be reckoned with, unleashing low-frequency responses that you can feel in your vehicle.
Upgrade your car audio system today and let the PSW10.4S immerse you in a world of extraordinary bass that moves you to your core.