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Nano Full-Range Digital Marine 2-Channel Amplifier 2 x 100W @ 4-Ohm RMS

  • DS18’s NXL-N2 is built for the audio enthusiast who loves hitting the open road on their bike, conquering rough trails in their side by side, or cruising the open waters! This powerful amplifier is designed to enhance your sound experience in any environment.
    The NXL-N2 is not only highly efficient and compact but also delivers exceptional power output. This amplifier’s 2-channel allows you to effortlessly power your entire system without searching elsewhere.
    Thanks to its full range capability, the NXL-N2 has the power to supercharge any speaker in your setup; whether you prefer subs, mids, or tweeters, these amps can handle it all. DS18’s NXL-N2 is also equipped with selectable X-Over options including LPF (Low Pass Filter), FULL range mode, and HPF (High Pass Filter). This allows you to customize your sound according to your preferences.
    Featuring stable and reliable 4-layer PCB layouts, these amps are built to withstand the demands of power sports. With an IPX67 waterproof rating, they can handle any weather condition you throw at them.
    With a maximum power output of 900W and RMS powers of 2 x 150W at 2 Ohms and 2 x 100W at 4 Ohms per channel, this amplifier delivers a dynamic and immersive sound experience.
    Installation is a breeze with the ultra-compact size of these amps. Their small footprint ensures easy integration into any setup. And rest assured, each unit undergoes rigorous audio precision quality control verification to guarantee top-notch performance.
    Don’t compromise on quality or performance. Choose the NXL-N2 for all your outdoor adventures.