Marine and Powersports Digital Media Receiver

DS18’s HYDRO MRX1 is the ultimate all-in-one marine head unit that delivers power, precision, and durability. Designed to withstand the harshest marine conditions, this compact yet powerful receiver is perfect for boats, ATVs, golf carts, and any other vehicle that frequents the water.
With V4.2 Bluetooth pairing capabilities, you can easily connect your phone or any Bluetooth-enabled device to play music directly through the MRX1. Experience precise sound control with adjustable bass, treble, balance, fade, EQ, loudness, and Subwoofer crossover settings. Choose from preset EQ options like FLAT, POP, ROCK, CLASSICAL, or turn off the EQ altogether for a customized sound experience. Adjusting settings has never been easier thanks to CT sync, which allows you to fine-tune time settings using over-the-air radio frequencies. Not only does the MRX1 deliver superior sound quality and functionality, but it also features a wideband AM/FM receiver for enjoying all your favorite radio stations.
The MRX1 boasts three outputs for easy integration into fully applied systems, including front, rear, and sub high-quality outputs.
The MRX1 is the ultimate companion for those seeking customization, durability, and exceptional sound.